Monday, July 4, 2011

I haven't posted on here is soooo long, don't even know if anybody even checks it anymore. Let me know if anyone is still out there???
Can't believe mia is 2-1/2. Such a sweet girl we are so happy!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mia The Entertainer

Looks like Mia has got Dada down pat... We were trying to get her to say Mama, but as you can see she prefers Dada :) She also is very found of her dog Jake. We think she is saying "hi jake"... She was totally cracking us up last night!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Home at last

Mia loves her doggie... Jake
Mia & Mommy meeting for the first time

Sorry I haven't updated this. The last few days have been crazy! She had a bad case of jet lag and her sleep schedule was all turned around.. So we had quite a grumpy baby on our hands. Along with two exhausted parents. But things are better, she seems to be sleeping through the night now. Not much of an eater... she likes her bottle & rice cereal & eggs and not too interested in anything else. But we are working on that. We had chicken noodle soup last night and she ate a little bit of it. Here are a couple of pictures.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Red Couch Photos

A tradition in China for families staying at the White Swan Hotel is to have pictures taken on the red couch in their lobby. Whoa what a chaotic afternoon. But the girls all looks so beautiful.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Life with Mia in China

Just wanted to update everyone on how Don, Mia & Sandy are doing in China. They have been working on adjusting Mia's feeding & sleeping schedule to work better for her. For example while in the orphanage she would get a bottle at 12 midnight. Don was having to wake her up to feed her and we thought that wasn't a very good idea. Even tho she usually went back to sleep sometimes she didn't and would cry. So now she is getting a bottle before she goes to bed about 8:30 pm. A typical day is waking up at around 7 am, getting a bottle and then all three of them go down to breakfast around 9 am to eat. Mia has some rice con-gee cereal (this is a type of rice porridge eaten in many Asian countries). Then they go back to the room and usually call Mommy!!! This is our favorite time of day :) We talk on skype and it seems like Mia was sort of recognizing that I was talking to her over the computer. But yesterday I knew for sure. I starting clapping and then she started clapping & laughing and this went on for several minutes. This was the best... Our first play time!!! I also have a Old McDonald story book & puppet that I show her and sing Old Mac Donald and also hold up her Violet dog and play the songs he sings. Last night she was dancing to the music... it was so cute! Then comes the hard time when Mommy has to go to bed (cuz usually it is 12 midnight here) and we have to say goodbye. Most of the time during this long conversation Mia takes her nap. She usually doesn't like to go down for her nap so that is sometimes a bit of a struggle. But you can tell she is just fighting her tiredness. After her nap she gets another bottle and then they usually play in the room or on one day they went to the children's playroom in the hotel. She get's a bottle or rice cereal at dinner time and then another bottle at bedtime. We have been introducing a few solid foods (because she is ready for them) like cheerios (she loves 'em) and some scrambled eggs. I'm going to have fun introducing her to all sorts of stuff when she gets home. She has been pretty good about sleeping through the night, so that is a blessing. She does get fussy during the day for what seems like no apparent reason, but we think maybe she is grieving the loss of her orphanage family and also she is teething, she chews on anything she can get her hands on. In the picture above you can really see her 4 teeth. Well that is all for now. Don is doing a great job and is a wonderful Father. And thank goodness Sandy is their to help out. I really takes 2 to take care of a 14 month old... So who is going to come help me when Don goes back to work.... Help :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sweet Angel Pictures

Little Sleeping Beauty

Grandma Sandy & Mia